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To our Angel Kamdyn's webpage.  He is missed tons. The song says it all from the sunny days, the pain and who he would be today.  We will never know all we have are precious memories of a little boy that was so full of life, his smiles, his hugs, his kisses are motions of warm memories that have touch all of our hearts.  He gave me feelings that I had never felt or had before.  Being my first grand child and learning all the wonderful feelings a grandson can give to one person is just unexplainable and then to have them riped from your heart hurts like hell.  I know everyone says it gets easier but then you know I would like to meet that person that it's gotten easier for.  That's just a sentence that people use to comfort one another.  For the person that they are telling it to it never gets easier.  Yeah in some ways it might but when you truly love something or someone no it never gets easier.  I lost my father 30 years ago, it seems like yesterday.  I cry the same.  I think of him the same.  It only got harder as the years passed.  Thinking he never got to know his grand daughter and they never got to know their grandpa Shorty.  Things both my Dad and my girls missed out on.  And now having grandsons that he will never know and they will never know him.  It's called life and life is a visious circle.  We live it everyday.  

All ways tell your family you love them and never take a hug for gradient you never know when it's going to be the last!

Kamdyn went to sleep and never woke back up. 
It brings tears to my eyes and pain to my heart just typing those words that you just read.  Not only is that a sentence that you just read to yourself they are words that forEVER changed my heart and my family.  The are words and feelings that we have to live with everyday.  They are painful ones and ones that I never thought of even saying in my life time.  

Always hug and kiss your children and tell them you love them.

To all the people out there that abuse your children and do other harmful things to them.  SHAME ON YOU!  You should be put away forever and the key thrown away!  
A child is a precious gift from God and only he knows how long we get to keep them.

Happy Birthday Daddy, Grandpa Shorty, Great Grandpa Shorty!
We love and miss you!
Feb. 3



Kamdyn Dancing

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Thank you so much Bethany for the video.  It means so much to all of us!
They are taking care of each other!

This video was made by Kamdyn's Aunt BB.

In Memory of Kamdyn
Kamdyn's Butterfly Kisses
click below

madzac is from melbourne, VIC, Australia 
This page is so beautiful.  Thanks 

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Pictures my aunt BB made for me!


This was made by Bethany.  What a wonderful job.  Bethany was Katy's teacher.  She lives in Flordia.

Kamdyn & Katy: Best Angel Friends

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This was made my Kamdyn's 2 cousin Emily in Kentucky.

in loving memory

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This was a video that Kamdyn's sperm donor took while visiting.  It takes a special person to be called a Dad or Father.  He never earned those words.  Someday he will know what he let pass him by.  What he had and never knew.  It's sad that his friends where always more important then his son.  Someday! 
Kamdyn Dancing

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A Letter From Heaven
Made for Kamdyn from

carolburns is from Blackpool, Lancashire, England 

carol burns is from Blackpool, Lancashire, England
Thank you so much, it brings tears to my eyes each time I read it. The picture is so sweet.


Please feel free to light a candle!  We would love to know you have been here to visit our Angels webpage.

Please light a candle for Kamdyn.
We want to know that you visited.

valerie ortiz is from Stockton, CA, USA 
Thanks Valerie for making a wonderful picture.

Thank you Pauline, your a wonderful person! ~England


Kansas Speedway
400 Speedway Blvd
Kansas City KS 66111
RIDE Site Details




It's all about making little people smile! 

Today in the U.S., 1 in every 8 babies will be born prematurely. Some of them won't survive, and others will have health problems that could last a lifetime. The funds we raise in RIDE support research that saves babies' lives.

This year will be mine and my husband Lee's 6th year riding in this ride. Two years ago was my favorite, when I asked the little guy in my picture on the left if he would like to sit on my bike and have his picture taken. He knew right were the throttle was and he honked the horn. He grinned from ear to ear.

Last year on July 12, 2006 was the worse day of my life. When God took my grandson Kamdyn and he became an Angel. We had him for 2 short years and they were the 2 best years of my life. In the two years that he was here with us he taught all of us alot and gave us so many happy memories. I look at what he did in the two years that he was here with us and think of all the things that he did in such a short period of time and then I look at the families with all the babies that need our support and help and I am blessed to have had Kamdyn with us for the short period of time. Kamdyn loved his motorcycle. I have many tears when I am on my bike riding. Tears of saddness and tears of happiness. He had such a happy life. Now I can with the help of others try to make other little people's lives better. The have life. We have life. Let's work together to make their lives better and healthier.

Riding in the Memory of my Angel Baby Kamdyn.

If you do not want to use the internet for a donation you may send your check or money order to:
Kathy Hale
P.O. Box 36
Lone Jack, Mo 64070
Please make your check payable to: MARCH OF DIMES

I want to thank everyone for your help. Every $$ counts!

Thanks to everyone,

Our mission is to improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth, and infant mortality.

Marcie Smith
RIDE KATHY GALE RIDE!!! This donation is in Memory of Kamdyn and Honor of Wayde!!! Wayde was premautre, 27 weeker, 2lbs 2ozs!!! That was 13 years ago. He is our life!!!! LOVE MARCIE AND BOOGERS
 This is Wayde also know as BOOGERS and Kamdyn!

This is Kamdyn with Wayde on Kamdyn's first trip to Kentucky to see his family.  

Tricia Foulk
Prayers and Hugs sent out to all of you that help save our babies! God Bless you! t 

IntenseMagic is from Princeton, WV, USA 

Thanks for such a wonderful page! 

Snug is from Denmark 

Snug, Thanks for a wonderful and colorful page!  

brenda house is from leitchfield, KY, USA 
Thanks Brenda your page is very special!  

Terri Stone is from Charleston WV
Thanks so much Terri.  This brings a smile of warmth to my face.

MissingUshortstuff is from USA
I cannot tell you how much  I love this page. Thank you for taking your time to make it.

Irishbella28 is from Glen Saint Mary , FL, USA 
Thank you so much! This means so much.  I love it!

Happy 3rd Birthday, Kamdyn!
We love you and miss you!

madzac is from melbourne, VIC, Australia 
Thank You

This picture was taken about 30 minutes after Talon was born. I truely 
believe Kamdyn is watching from Heaven above.
Talon will always have is big brother as his guardian angel.

Meme's Angels

Kamdyn the day he came home from the hospital.
June 16, 2004

Thanks for visiting Kamdyn' s webpage.  Let this page share one of our many smiles, tears and memories with you that we had with such a wonderful grandson for such a short period of time.  If you are reading this and you are a Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Brother, Sister, Aunt, Uncle, Nephew, Neice, or just a friend of a little one give that little guy or gal a hug and be thankful for every year, month, day, hour, minute and even second that you have with them.  And don't forget the most important thing ever, a hug and tell them that you love them.  

Please light a candle in Kamdyn's memory.


Visit the map below and leave Kamdyn's family a note.

misslilly is from geelong, VIC, Australia 
Thank you so much for your picture and taking the time to make it.  xoxo



This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Kamdyn  who was born in Lee's Summit, Missouri on June 13, 2004 and passed away on July 12, 2006 at the age of 2. We will remember him forever and he will always be in our hearts.  He was such a happy little boy.  Kamdyn got up on the morning of July 12th and eat breakfast, kissed his mommy bye and he went back to sleep.  His Aunt BB went in his room to check on him and had to call 911 he wasn't breathing.  The only thing that was have been told that was abnormal were his tonsil were exta large.  He always snored and we had taken him to the Dr.  We were told by 2 different doctors that it was something that he would out grow.  

We love you Bubby!  kisses and hugs


Mommy and me!
You can also visit Kamdyn's webpage on Facebook that was set up by
Ashley!  Visit and leave a message for Kamdyn!

Your gonna be a big brother, Kamdyn!  He is due date is June 19th six days after your 3rd birthday.  I miss you Bubby!  I love you! xoxo

  madzac is from melbourne, VIC, Australia 
Thank you so much, xxxx!

Me on my motorcycle that's just like Meme's! 
MeMe painted this one just for me!

I felt compelled to write this poem for Kamdyn after reading what his family had written on the web-site memorial his family set up in memory of him. He was indeed a beautiful baby boy, and I know you all love him and miss him. I too lost a son 1 year ago and it is by far the hardest thing in this world a person will ever have to bear in their life. I want you all to know that I was truly touched by the memorial you have made for Kamdyn. I bookmarked it so I can read the new entries as they come available. I hope you like the poem I wrote for him, and feel free to display on his page if you wish. I want you all to know that when you feel like you are the only ones suffering through a tragedy such as this, there are many others that have experienced the same, and we do have to go on and live for them.. May God Bless you all and your family.
Sincerely, Vickie Williams 

"In Memory Of Kamdyn"

A babys' cry is silenced
A mothers heart is torn
A baby that's been loved by all
Since the day ~ baby was born

A heart cries out for mercy
A mother asking why?
The question can't be answered
All she can do is cry

Her heart has just been broken
Her hopes and dreams all fade
The loss cuts deep inside her
The pain of a sharp blade

The love for our dear Kamdyn
Will never fade away
Soon Mommy will see baby
In Heaven one bright day

I know Kamdyn is with us
He's now a shinning star
He may be up in Heaven
But Heaven's not that far

He's walking on the streets of gold
That shine ever so bright
In Heaven he is smiling
He's always in God's sight

God watches our dear children
When he comes to take them home
And Kamdyn's now with Jesus
Down gold lit streets he roams

May God wrap his love around you
May he answer all your prayers
Just know you're not alone in this
Someone like me, who cares

Wrtten By: Vickie Lynn Williams

"In Memory Of Kamdyn" 

Thank you Vickie, we need our friends and this means so much.  It is very special.  Kathy



Kamdyn has touch many hearts all over..Please click on the map and leave a message to him and his family!!
We want to know where your from!

Neighborgal is from Southeast, GA, USA 
Thanks  so much!

 Laurie is from phillipsburg, NJ, USA 
Thanks for your picture. It is very nice and thoughtful.

Robert Brown Hinton, of Lee's Summit, Missouri, was born Saturday, September 4, 1937 in Henshaw, Kentucky, the son of Calvin C. and Mary Marie (Thompson) Hinton. He departed this life Saturday, November 24, 2007 at his home at the age of 70 years, 2 months and 20 days.
On December 17, 1955, Robert was united in marriage to Mary Nell Hooper in Henshaw, Kentucky.

Robert owned and operated Cedaridge Roofing Company, Greenwood, Missouri until his retirement in 2001. He was a Navy veteran serving in the submarine corp. Robert was a member of Henshaw Christian Church, Henshaw, Kentucky and the Vietnam Veterans Association in Kansas City, Missouri. He had lived in Sturgis, Kentucky and Greenwood, Missouri before moving to Lee's Summit in 1970.

Besides his parents, he was preceded in death by two brothers, Richard and Jimmy Hinton.

He is survived by his wife, Mary Nell Hinton of the home; a son, Shannon Hinton and wife Jill, Bates City, Missouri; three daughters, Donna Lawrence and husband Sean, Madison, Tennessee, Brenda Johnson and husband Glen, Lobelville, Tennessee, Janet Berry and husband John, Pleasant Hill, Missouri; 10 grandchildren; 8 great-grandchildren; a sister, Janice Sales, Jacksonville, North Carolina; other relatives and many friends.

Funeral services will be 10:30 a.m. Thursday, November 29, 2007 at the Stanley-Dickey Funeral Home, Pleasant Hill, Missouri with burial in the Pleasant Hill Cemetery with Military services by the VFW Post #3118, Pleasant Hill, Missouri. Casket Bearers will be Jeremy Looney, Michale Paul Looney, Billy O'Dell, Jason O'Dell, John Berry III, Jeremy Berry, Jim Rushton, Rick Hinton, Lee Hale and Kenny Rohrs. Honorary Bearers will be Darrel McDonald, Junior Shockley and Hoolie Benge. Rose presentation will be done by Jennifer Berry, Bailey Pemberton, Brittany Hinton and Brady Hinton.

Family will receive freinds from 7:00 p.m. until 8:30 p.m. Wednesday, November 28, 2007 at the funeral home. 

Mary Nell, Donna, Brenda, Janet and Shannon,

My Memories of Bobby 

My Uncle

Going to eat at the Western Sizzler at the independence Center every weekend.

Him coming to get me because of a tornado warning and I had no basement to go to with Kindra. And him laughing at me. I was scared to death and seen no humor in it.

The ride from you know where to go get Tina from church, we are going down Coulbern Road and the back left tire falls off the car and rolls over the opposite side of the road and hits the drive thru window of Winchell’s do nuts. We are sitting in the middle of the road, not able to move, watching the tire along with everyone else.

Going on a site seeing road trip in the old station wagon and going thru the light at Unity Village, hit a huge dip in the road , our heads are bouncing of the roof and he’s laughing. I think we jumped the dip and all 4 wheels came off the pavement!

The road trips to down town Kansas City sight seeing.

The buffet at Sam’s Town taking Mary Nell to eat crab legs and Maw passing out because we had to wait so long in line to eat.

The card games at the house every weekend.

The pig roast.

Breakfast at Shoney’s.

Hiding all of his you know what’s you know where. 

His black belt. You did not want to see that thing come off of his waist!

Him telling me stories of my dad, the times they had together. 

The one most memorable time was the frog gigging outing in his boat on Pairie Lee Lake. I’ll just say it was the biggest ( I know there is no such word as baddest but I am using it any ways) SNAKE I’ve ever seen and no one ever believed us. The snake was spotted after the boat motor fell in the water and he saved it. Shannon was there he seen it too! I wanted nothing else to do with gigging a frog! This snake’s head was as big as both of my fist put together , his body left waves as he disappeared.

Most of all his kind heart that was so big, his smile, and love for his family. He is going to be missed by all of us. But each one of us will always keep a special place close to our hearts for him. He will never be forgotten. I love you Bobby and yes it was hard seeing him go thru the pain he was in and I know he’s in a better place with no pain. The last memory of him that I will cherish forever is when I was sitting at his bedside and he wanted Kindra to come over to his side also and he said to the two of us in a low and soft voice, “ I’m gonna find your little one.” I know that he has found our little angel Kamdyn and the two if them are looking down on us. Memories last a lifetime.

Please visit

Kamdyn's Angel Friends 

Light a candle

Katy Church 

Alexis Farmer

Your step momma Dawn is a Sweetheart! She loves you so much!

Joshua Hicks  

Lucas Debiasio

Pieta, Amore, Cara and Teressa Zollosemmler 

Colin McAdam

Derek Rowe 

Kelly Lynch 

Holly Clarke 

Madeline Reimer 

Lucas Jackson 

Rosa Oyola
Katie Cassidy
Mark Espinal 

Cooper Eason 

Eric Shavensky
Brittany SyFert

Jaime Drebit 

Devon Preston 

Mark Martinez 

Jennifer Woody

Janine Tucker
We miss you! Watch after my baby boy for me. I know you are taking care of him.  Play lots of ball together.
















from Aunt BB

Kamdyn was born June 13, 2004. He weighed 6 pounds 9 ounces. With dark hair and dark eyes, tiny feet and a funny shaped head, he stole all of our hearts. As a premature baby boy Kamdyn could smile and light up the world.

As Kamdyns Aunt BB I am proud to say he changed my life. He has taught me so much, just with the two years of life that he had. His pitch black eyes could steal my heart in a second. And one quick glimpse of his smile stopped everything.

Kamdyn means the world to me. He was my best friend and the first baby I loved. All the memories I have with Kamdyn are cherished, and will be forever. I am so glad Kamdyn and I were as close together as we were.

Watching Kamdyn grow into the amazing kid he was, was an adventure I will never forget. I remember thinking of him when he got older, and always wondering what he would look like, act like, enjoy doing and seeing us together in the future. I always thought it would be funny to tell him I was born in the 1900's and wonder what his reaction would be.

Although I'll never know when the first time to tie his shoe will be, the first tooth he looses, the first time he goes to school, the first crush, the first time he goes to the pricipals office, the first baseball game, the first car he gets, the first time he falls in love, or the first time him and his mom get in a fight and he needs a place to stay for the night. I did know Kamdyn. I saw the first tear, the first smile, the first laugh, the first hug and kiss. I saw Kamdyn sit on the potty, play baseball and ping pong, talk, laugh and sing. Im the one who taught him to pick his nose :) The happiest memories I have are spent with Kamdyn.

July 12th, 2006 will always be the worst day of my life. That is the day my best friend passed away. Thoughts of that day will never go away. They play over and over in my mind each day. The tears I cried and the screams of help did nothing. They realived no pain, they healed no wounds. The thoughts of "why?" still have not been answered.

Missing Kamdyn is the hardest thing I have been through. His smile brought so much joy into my life. Wanting to hold him, give him a hug, tell him I love him one more time will always be on my mind. There are still times when I think about that last "bye aunt bb" the night before. The hug, kiss and the wave bye. It replays in my mind all the time.

There is no doubt in my mind Kamdyn was happy. He knew who his family was, he knew the ones who loved him and he definately knew who took care of him.

Kamdyn is the greatest thing that has happened to me. Although July 12th was the worst day of my life, I am so glad it was the greatest for Kamdyn. He beat me to the greatest place possible. He beat me to the place with endless love and happiness. Kamdyn is so happy right now I cant even imagine. Hes singing with God and playing with Jesus. Janine is taking care of him as well as my Grandpas are.

Right now Kamdyn is sittin on Gods lap, catching all the tears we cry. Hes smiling down on us with his endless love.

I cant wait to see him again. He still means the world to me. I will do anything and everything I can, just to be with him again. And knowing hes in Heaven, means I have to be there too. Two years wasnt enough time spent with him, I want to spend eternity.

I know when its my turn, I will go, and when I do, dont cry for me. Dont worry, dont be sad. Just think of me with Kamdyn. Think of us together again. When I die, I will be sitting with Jesus, Kamdyn and Janine, watching over the ones we love. And when this happens, I'll be watching over you. Because I love you, and I will see you again.

Thank you to my friends who have been there for me. I have really come to find who my true friends are. I appreciate everything you have done for me and my family. I do have to say though, without God, I couldnt have made it this far. Its God who has given me the strenght to live each day to the fullest. Its God who has given me life to live. And I know when God thinks it is time for me to see Kamdyn again, I will.

So until that day comes, pray for me. And pray for my family. That truely is the greatest thing anyone could do.

Thanks for reading this all. And I'll see you around. 

If Only

If I could hold you one more time,
I'd kiss your perfect cheek.
If I could only touch your skin,
Or admire you while you sleep.
If I could only hug you once more,
Or see your precious smile,
Watch you dance across the room,
If even for just a little while.
I would give anything,
If I could give you one more bath,
and get to get you dressed,
Or once more get to hear your laugh.
If I could rock you to sleep,
even if it was just one more time,
I'd hold you close and never let go,
and whisper "You'll always be mine."
If I had the chance,
I would beg to hear you cry,
even it was just a chance,
to say I love you and Goodbye.
If I could wake up one more time,
and have you here with me,
I'd cherish every moment,
how happy I would be.
If I could just see you once again,
or get to watch you play,
I would still be asking,
"God please give me one more day?"
-Jennifer Taylor

Blakes mommy is from Orlando, FL, USA 
Thank you for the poem.  It means alot to us for you taking the time to do.

Don't Tell Me

Please don't tell me you know how I feel,
Unless you have lost your child too,
Please don't tell me my broken heart will heal,
Because that is just not true,
Please don't tell me my son is in a better place,
Though it is true, I want him here with me,
Don't tell me someday I'll hear his voice, see his face,
Beyond today I cannot see,
Don’t tell me it is time to move on,
Because I cannot,
Don’t tell me to face the fact he is gone,
Because denial is something I can't stop,
Don't tell me to be thankful for the time I had,
Because I wanted more,
Don't tell me when I am my old self you will be glad,
I'll never be as I was before,
What you can tell me is you will be here for me,
That you will listen when I talk of my child,
You can share with me my precious memories,
You can even cry with me for a while,
And please don't hesitate to say his name,
Because it is something I long to hear everyday,
Friend please realize that I can never be the same,
But if you stand by me, you may like the new person I become someday. 

Why? Why my grandson?  Why my family?
We love you Kamdyn and miss you so much!
Meme sends her hugs and kisses everyday.

Kamdyn's favorite!

From his first pair of Jayhawk sneakers to his Spiderman sandals, his Kentucky Wildcats onesie, his Royals shorts outfits, to his Spiderman PJ's, his chaps and leather vest, his spider Halloween costume he was the normal little guy. He loved running, playing and catching balls.

He was a true little boy. He loved going to his Aunt BB's softball games, calling the balls, riding his motorcycle, and playing with balls, hot wheels, blocks and his puppy. He loved looking at magazines and being read to.

From the time he could sit in front of the television he was rocking back and forth to his favorite video, Barney.

He learned to crawl, sit up, say momma, dada, papa, meme and BB. He learned to blow a kiss, give a hug, and knew what Stinky meant.

We played peek -a -boo, fed the fish, played patty- cake. We rolled the ball back and forth and learned to toss it in the air. He knew where the water was at the beauty shop and how to climb in the chair. He loved playing with the water hose outside stark butt naked. We chased each other, we took naps together, we colored, looked at books, shared our ice cream, rode the motorcycle together, we rocked each other and we kissed each other.

I miss my Bubby! 

mof7 is from orbisonia, PA, USA 
Thank you

Meme squeezing the crap out of me! And tickling my ear! 

My Little Angel

It was time to go to the were on your way and boy was Mommy glad.  She was in alot of pain.  Finally you were here.  Tiny, red, dark, lots of hair, little toes, tiny fingers -you looked like a dall.  You was just over 6 lbs. Your brought tears to my eyes.  I was so happy I was a grandma and couldn't wait for you to get older so we could do things together.  You was such a good little baby.  You slept thru the night, didn't cry alot.  Only when you were hungry, wet, cutting teeth or just simply sleepy and it was nap time.  
I loved watching you watch Barney when you first learned to sit up by yourself.  You always would rock back and forth to the beat of the songs they would sing on the video.  Your favorite was Barney and the Backyard Gang.
My key chain was your first toy that you liked to play with.  If MeMe didn't give you her keys with the green M&M lady on it you would let her know about it.  So finally I just gave it to you and got me another one, but you wanted it too.  Then for you first birthday MeMe gave you your very own motorcycle that she painted for you.  Along with your first pair of chaps, vest and hanky.  You were such a doll in them.  Then came the time for Christmas and you got your very own helmet and goggles so that you could ride with MeMe on her bike.  That day came in the summer of 2006.  We rode to Lee's Summit to eat with Mommy, Seth and Aunt BB.  You loved every second of it.  You waved at every cow and all the other motorcycles on the highway.  You never stopped talking the whole time except when you were sucking your thumb. Our second journey was to Lone Jack to the bank and post office, then off to Pleasant Hill to eat lunch at Sonic with cousin Janet.  You played most of the time on the swings and didn't really care a whole lot about eating.  Off we went back to Strasburg so you could get your daiper changed and it was getting close to your bed time.....which you did make it.  You kept falling asleep on the bike on the way home.  MeMe kept thumping your helmet so you wouldn't fall asleep.  You would wake up for a couple of seconds and then back out of it you went.  Kamdyn, when I ride now I know that you are riding with are looking down and watching...It was hard to get on the bike after you left because of the memories of me and you...the memories of you talking the whole way and waving at the cows and the other bikes, the memories of you learning to raise up your tiny feet for MeMe.  You did it you was learning and learning fast...MeMe was so excited that someday her little Bubby was gonna get to go on a long ride with her and PaPa.....But for some reason it wasn't mean't to be..Now when I get on my bike I ride in memory of you, my little Angel....I have a tough time but it's for you.  I cry everytime I get on it thinking about the memories that we had together.  Now I will always hold those memories so close ti my heart...You are a very special person and you touched my life and made me have feeling that will never die...I love you! You are such a big boy...I will never forget you and all the fun and special times we had together...Love MeMe

danabbie is from belvedere, Kent, England 
Thank you so very much!  This is so beautiful!

Nana is from the USA
Thanks for the wonderful picture.  You are so kind.

Click here to see Kamdyn Caton's
Family Tree
Tributes and Condolences
Happy 3rd Birthday Kamdyn!!!!   / Bethany
KAMDYN  / Kayla Clause (Family Friend )
Perhaps they are not stars, but rather openings in Heaven where the love of our lost ones pours through and shines down upon us to let us know they are happy.
I miss you!   / Meme (Meme)
It's just not right Kamdyn.  Yesterday was really bad.  I miss you so much.  I seen a lady yesterday with her son and grandson, he was your age.  The son and grandson came to work to see grandma and when they where leaving the lit...  Continue >>
Pain and Anger   / Meme (Grandmother)
Kamdyn,  Everyday that goes by not a one goes by that I don't think of you.  Tears come to my eyes everyday thinking about you.  Wondering...visioning what my little man looks like now how much you must have changed.  Hearing th...  Continue >>
Lost for words....   / Laura Green (new friend )
All I can say is my heart is so broken for you and your family! I have a son that turned two this past December and I'm a stay at home mom and I know that there is day's that I want to pull my hair out and question if spending every moment is worth i...  Continue >>
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His legacy

I love you!

A Hug  
He made everyone smile!  He showed everyone lots of love!  Little stinker was a bright little boy and everyone loved his black eyes, they were really brown.  Kamdyn you showed MeMe what a real hug was.  I love you and  I need a hug.  Love MeMe
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